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Focus Equine ™

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Price: From $19.99 to $319.99
Manufacturer: Performance Equine
Manufacturer Part No: 120FE

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Focus Equine:

An Excellent  choice for horses that are:
 Busy Minded ~ Hot ~  Worried ~ Hyper-Sensitive  to noise and new places~ Easily Distracted ~Spooky ~ Unpredictable ~ Tense ~ Excitable~ Soured
Increase:                                    Decrease:
Confidence                               Spooking
Trainability                                  Unpredictable behavior
Focus                                          Balking
Control                                       Running off
Attention Span                          Muscle Tension
Mental Stability                          Excitability
Positive Attitude                        Worry
Work Ethic                                  Nervousness

Completely natural– Ethical and Non herbal– Formulated with USP grade ingredients for maximum quality, effectiveness and safety.  Positive results in 7 days. (Yep! 7 days is enough to know)  Money back  guarantee with initial order of 7 servings size.
Please order this size if you have not already used the product. We offer a satisfaction/money back guarantee on this size for first time buyers.
Please read our info on magnesium and signs of deficiency.  Some horses often require magnesium therapy with Focus™  for optimum results.   We are happy to talk with you about your horse to help you decide the best course.  
Consultations are welcomed.  707-766-8624

Focus FAQs

Horse Calming Supplements

Performance Equine offers USP grade quality nutritional supplements dedicated to bringing performance horses into a state of physical AND mental well being. Our drug free products can give your horse a competitive  edge naturally. We are so confident that your horse will benefit from our quality products that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our products are made with the finest quality therapeutic formulations available in the equine market. Our safe and gentle horse calming supplements can help to calm and focus a hyperactive, irritable, or excited horse.

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Product Reviews

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Volunteer Trail Patrol
Sarah Reid (California) 3/24/2012 3:22 PM
I am ordering my yearly winter dose for my Mustang Oreo. This is what works for him to bring his brain back when he gets the buckies in March: he is too fit and wants to romp. He gets to go plenty, but it is obviously not quite enough combined with ever-changing barometric conditions. Focus helped him change his spook-patterns, too, to a foot-stomp and let's look at that thing instead of flight, even when he is not taking the product. Focus helps him focus!
Focus Equine really works!!
Christine Mann (Texas) 10/28/2011 10:04 AM
Focus along with magnesium turned my spooky, unpredictable, distracted mare into a reliable trail mount. I can now ride her along extremely busy roads, past barking dogs, strange horses, donkeys, etc. without any problems. Her muscle tightness and irritability is gone. My husband cannot believe this is the same horse. Carla's products are amazing. They really work! Carla, please don't ever stop making Focus!!